Lesson 1: How to Print "Hello"

Lesson 1: The Complete Learning Curve of Human-Language Programming
Question: Using Universal User Interface, how to program the instruction: PRINT “Hello”?
Answer: Type: “111Hello”.
Question: What is Universal User Interface?
Answer: It can have infinite number of forms. For example, the first-level question here can be:
Choose one: (1) Print, (2) Input, (3) Calculate, (4) Branching, (5) Files, (6) Generate, (7) Exit?
After typing “1” the second-level question appears:
Choose one: (1) Print on Screen, (2) Print on paper, (3) Others?
After typing “1” the third-level question appears:
Choose one: (1) Print without a carriage return, (2) Print with a carriage return?
After typing “1” the content-insensitive question appears:
What do you want to print?
Here the user types “Hello”.
Question: How is the instruction to print on screen generated?
Answer: This is not the job of the user; it is the job of the original “hardware” (generator) manufacturer.
The above is the complete learning curve for Human-Language Programming Language.